Saturday, February 7, 2009

To the Third Edition

Although there have been few miner changes and updates to this addition of the book, the text still reads as it did when it was first published, and when Ezra Taft Benson was still President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His passing on May 30, 1994, did not change the importance of his messages, therefore the words in this book will remain written as though he is still speaking to us today — for indeed, he is.

Regarding changes and updates: I have only made a few minor grammatical corrections and word changes, along with very few additions to the original text — which are minimal. The text that was previously in bold type for emphasis in the earlier editions of the book has now, for the most part, been put in italics. I have also adding one new chapter, and have taken the liberty of altered the contents of the appendix at the end of the book. However, anything that was taken from the appendix has not been totally deleted, but only placed elsewhere in the book.

A lot has transpired concerning the erosion of our liberties since this book was first published in 1992, but I have not bothered to go into the text and make such notations. Like a new computer which often becomes obsolescent by the time it hits the marketplace, so it is with trying to keep up with rapid transpiring current world events. If I were to try and keep abreast of them by publishing books, the information would virtually be outdated before any such book hit the bookstore shelves.

Consequently, I believe that which is contained in the original publication of this book should be enough to enlighten the reader to what is really going on in this nation and the world regarding man’s right to freely exercise his liberty. Considering such, I recommend that the reader keep abreast of what is actually transpiring by obtaining alternative news sources rather than relying on the establishments controlled press and news media, such as television, radio, and traditional newspapers and magazines. Such alternative news, which is often shocking, is out there for those who are not afraid of learning the truth.

As stated above, this book was started and first published when Ezra Taft Benson was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and revered by members of that Church as a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. He was a strong promoter of the restored Church, the true gospel as revealed by Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the inspiration found in the Book of Mormon, the eternal family unit, the cleansing of the inner vessel, personally coming unto Christ, and of liberty — the liberty that comes only through righteous living and love of fellow man — the kind of liberty that inspired the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united States of American — the kind of liberty that founded a mighty nation that had, originally, a fundamental faith in divine providence.

In all of the above values, Ezra Taft Benson found favor among all Latter-day Saints except in the last. Only in the last of this list has he been continually criticized and misunderstood. But as great as his love and service was in all of the above, it will someday be found that his greatest contribution to the church, American, and the world, was his deep love and commitment to the principle of agency and man’s right to be freed. He was not only tirelessly devoted to Jesus Christ but to the Divinely inspired Constitution for these united States of America. Few people new it as well, nor loved it as much.

Being a man inspired of God, he spoke with a unique spirit of love and with the fire of commitment. He added his warning voice to that of President David O. McKay, and other former General Authorities regarding the threats to our inspired Constitution and national freedom — being, therefore, only one of many witnesses concerning this grave subject. It was no mistake that God placed him in a position of prominence during the Eisenhower administration, becoming a witness to much of the secret combinations that threaten the peace and freedom of, not only this nation, but the entire world. Yet, few Church leaders in this century have received as much criticism as he has, and few have had their words neglected as much as his.

Let us not be surprised when many of us will have to stand before him at some future date and make an accounting of what we did with the inspired knowledge he gave to us from the Almighty regarding liberty. Rest assured — there will be an accounting. Indeed, time will reveal those hypocrites who claimed to have sustained him as a Prophet of God while he was still in the flesh, but, in reality, did not truthfully sustain or support him in his inspired words. When a Stake President, Bishop, or any other authority claims to have supported President Benson as a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, and now attempts to minimize that Prophet’s teachings, how can that leader be taken seriously by those under their authority?

This book, though having a message and purpose much broader than Ezra Taft Benson, was partly conceived to help people come to know what a great American he truly was, and that there is still a great conflict raging upon the earth over man’s liberty. His message was always timeless and sincere.

I am republishing this book in an attempt to continue informing readers of the desperate situation in this country and the world regarding the right of man to be free. Although we are to anxiously be engaged in a good cause, yet if our hearts are not right with God, and if we are not on His side, it makes little difference who’s side we are on. As put forth in the last two chapters, we need to turn our hearts to Jesus Christ, for only in Him do we have salvation. He is our only hope for true liberty.
--Joseph Warren Grammer

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