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This work had been considered for quite some time before I undertook to write it. I had only some general ideas at first, and did not have a clear conception of how to treat all of the many controversies inherent within the topic. I knew that some of them would have to be discussed, but to what extent?

As the book proceeded, my approach began to take shape. I decided not to give an exhaustive study of the topics presented, but to give sufficient evidence that there are problems in our governmental system that had developed since, but not because of, our Founding Fathers. I felt it would be most valuable to present the information in a forthright manner without appearing to be radical, fanatical, or extremist.

I know, with all humility, that to accept the premises set forth in this work, one must have a love for truth and a desire for, and an understanding of, free agency — liberty. Freedom may not be for everyone, nor will everyone find the gospel of Jesus Christ to his liking. To accept the principle inherent in liberty, takes faith and courage. And not all people possess enough of either to warrant risking their position in life to get into the freedom battle and to stand up for truth, no matter how overwhelming the evidence of that truth.

There are those, however, who manifest sufficient qualities to follow the Lord’s commandments — all of them. And some of those commandments include, not only paying tithing, living the word of wisdom, doing home-teaching and other church assignments, but also studying the Constitution and defending their rights of liberty as given to them by God. Therefore, this work is intended to be a straightforward, documented and no-nonsense approach to the subject.

It is the purpose of this book to show that the most important principle in the realm of our Heavenly Father, next to life itself, is that of agency, and to live in an environment of freedom so we can exercise that agency. President David O. McKay said, "We must never forget that next to life itself, free agency is the greatest gift of God to man." (CR, October 1966, p. 5.)

However, it seems that when we talk of free agency in relation to the Constitution of the United States and government, many members of the Church feel it is political. In reality, it is not. President Benson made the following comments about this frame of mind in general conference when he said, "The government has penetrated so much of our lives that one can hardly speak for freedom without being accused of being political. Some might even call the war in heaven a political struggle — certainly it was controversial. Yet the valiant entered it with Michael." (CR, April 1965, p. 124.)

It may seem political to most when we might have to "jockey for position" when petitioning for our rights. Rights, however, are eternal principles and are freely given of God, as we will discover in this work. And agency (the right to exercise those rights) is the second greatest gift of God next to the breath of life.

Those rights were meant to be protected by the Constitution of the nation, but as President Brigham Young once said, quoting the Prophet Joseph Smith: "The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread." (JD, 7:15) What is that thread? We will be exploring that question in this book because I feel it does have an answer. We will find that it is a very obvious and seriously overlooked answer.

It will also be my purpose to show that there are, indeed, conspiracies — great secret combinations — trying to overthrow the freedom of this and all lands, and that Lucifer is at the head of them. We will explore the fact that it is Satan’s intent to destroy our agency through these great secret combinations. It is the devil’s design also, not only to destroy our agency, but the Constitution of the United States which helps protect that Godly gift.

The reader will be shown that Satan’s secret combinations and conspiracies existed before we came to this earth and they still continue today. Our current Prophet, President Ezra Taft Benson, said in the General Conference of October 1988:

"I testify that wickedness is rapidly expanding in every segment of our society. It is more highly organized, more cleverly disguised, and more powerfully promoted than ever before. Secret combinations lusting for power, gain, and glory are flourishing. A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world (see Ether 8:18-25)." (CR, October 1988, p. 103.)

President Benson then goes on to say that the ". . . forces of evil increase under Lucifer’s leadership." (CR, October 1988, p. 103.) Now some of these forces of evil are secret combinations, or conspiracies. There are many that do not like the word "conspiracy" because it is threatening. This word has been made unpopular by those of influence and who are also part of, or support, these great secret combinations. Making the word "conspiracy" unpopular places the truth seeker in an unfavorable light and helps bend the suspicious, pointing finger, away from the guilty.

My aim is to help the reader understand what should, and can, be done concerning these satanic plots. Information is given to the reader to help him follow the admonition found in The Book of Mormon when it speaks of these conspiracies in our day: "Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awaken to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you." (Ether 8:24.)

So this book was born with an idea to help shed light on the dark things of the world (secret combinations) thriving in the element of darkness and deception. A conspiracy, by its very nature, is secret. When knowledge reveals such secrecy, then that dark conspiracy ceases to be a conspiracy. God is truth and light; Satan is not. By shedding light on such secret works of darkness, the power of the evil one also ceases to exist. This only happens, though, when that light and knowledge is presented in a timely fashion; otherwise, some significant damage may be incurred.

There are a lot of positive aspects of the Constitution that we will be discussing. However, in covering this document, I am purposely presenting the negative aspects of what has happened to the principles contained in it and those threads upon which it hangs. We can talk about the positive aspects of it all our lives, but until we start understanding the negative ones we cannot begin to know what the dangers are to our liberties.

Perhaps we can take for example our human body, with pains, lumps and various unnatural changes going on within it. These symptoms could be because of some cancerous growth. Now, would it be wise to just talk about how wonderful life is, or should we get to the point of the problem and try and save a, possibly, dying body? The negative aspects of life must be addressed as well as the positive. Then, and only then, can we know what to do about the problem.

Although we are living in the last days spoken of in the scriptures, this work is not intended to be a book on the last days, the Second Coming, or the millennial era. It is primarily concerned with free agency, the Constitution of the United States, secret combinations, and their relationship to the above events. It is designed to inform and educate the reader about the seriousness of our current situation in this, our God-given land of liberty and about the inspired Constitution which He gave us.

Lastly, it is my intent to share with you, the reader, a few thoughts on what we can do in relation to the forgoing discussions. The Lord has a plan and we need to know of it and make it a part of our lives. It is also hoped that this book can offer some positive conclusion to this ever- continuing contest between good and evil — agency versus force.

At this point I will be so judgmental as to say that the honest-in-heart, those who do not live in a world of self-denial, will understand the purpose of this book; others will reject it. I do not intend to say this with pride or arrogance, only with what I have come to KNOW to be true.

There is in this book, although not exhaustive by any means, a profusion of quotes from scripture, leaders of the Church, our Founding Fathers, and many others; these are, of course, in support of the points I will be trying to make. If the reader feels that a quote is invalid for any reason, he or she is welcome to disregard it — mark it out, as though it were not there. The reader may find that there is enough evidence presented in this work to cover the subject and still come to the conclusion I intended.

In my opinion, the final conflict between good and evil is at the door. We must be prepared, both spiritually and temporally. We know who is going to win; it will be the Savior, Jesus Christ. The question might be asked: "What part will we be playing in the final events?"

The "American Dream" is only a dream. For a very short time in our nation’s history the concepts embraced in the Constitution of the United States were a reality. But not long after its creation, the true meaning and intent behind that sacred document were lost. Its true aim was dissipated and subverted due to ignorance, greed, and pride. It is this authors intent to help bring the "American Dream" back to life.

By offering the reader a little knowledge, understanding and incentive, perhaps we can become better prepared to stand before the Savior on that great day of reckoning, which surely will come.

--Joseph W. Grammer

"One can hardly speak for freedom
without being accused of being political.
Some might even call the war in heaven a political struggle —
certainly it was controversial.
Yet the valiant entered it with Michael."
— Ezra Taft Benson

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